So it started…my running obsession


From my So it started that day, no more cold mars bars and coke from the servo, no dim sims for lunch and well pretty much no of everything I was doing! It did however make me realize I needed to start exercising. Runkeeper was an app that I thought I could track and follow my progress to eventually run maybe 5km? So on the 18th of September I did my first “run” which was really more of critical mess….around the block 1.16km with an average pace of….wait for it….. 7.51min/km! flying!

I then progressed to up the road and back with2.79km and improved pace of 7.06. This kept going a few times a week up until December 2011, this was the time I ran my first 5km, around the what I now call my small block run. I did an impressive total of 5.54km with an average pace of 6.36. I was so excited to be able to run, i was a runner! the weight was starting to drop off me and i was feeling better about where i was going.

The competitive Brad got a hold of me fast! I needed to get under 6.30km pace…..I must go faster! To go faster I needed to run more and drop more weight or maybe I just need to try harder? It can be done. It will be done!

So….the next day I did it again! Yep same block but pushed hard, had the Runkeeper app talking to me in my ear giving me my splits and pace to hit sub 6.30pace. man I must have been a sight, fat dude slogging it out like I was some sort of Olympic hopeful, bits wobbling everywhere, sweat pouring off me but with a smile knowing I was going to achieve this! I nailed it…..6.27k av pace with an impressive time of 36.35 for the 5.68k…which also showed me….the satellites can be out.

It now became race around the block and how long it will take and not about minutes per km……