Doctors Clearance

After living a typical lifestyle of drinking, smoking a pack a day on and off over the years since I was in my teens, party’s and an excessive work/business load, life started to catch up with me.

Around the September of 2011 I was invited by my business partner to join her at some group personal training sessions, knowing I could knock off a kg or two I thought it would be a great idea, now admittedly I didn’t really realize how overweight I actually was I had just sort of grown into this new shape I was. This group PT session was a turning point in my life, before I started they took my blood pressure and it was high as she advised me, too high to in fact train me and I would require a doctors clearance to train me! What a load of crap I thought, I didn’t even have a doctor for starters! However off to the family doctor I went to get a clearance written up, again couldn’t see what the fuss was about… I don’t remember exactly what it was at the time but my blood pressure was in the 180+ over 120+type areas….or as my doctor nicely put it, ” Brad unless you start today to change your eating and lifestyle habits you will have a massive heart attack by the time you are 40″… I was 38 at the time.

He didn’t give me a clearance that day, but told me some home truths and really put it into perspective for me. I am truly to this day appreciative of him not to sugarcoat it….as Dr Phil would say, ” I would have eaten that too “. For me, high blood pressure mediation was at first embarrassing to admit I was taking, it confirmed what many had probably already knew about myself but had never said anything and for me it was also a shocking reality check of what my life had become.

Now the photo with my dad at the footy was just a typical example of what I now refer to as ” fat Brad ” with some humor about it. Social media is full of Fat Brad to remind me of what not to become again.

I set about doing a number of things from that day.

  1. Get healthy enough to stop taking medication
  2. Loose the weight
  3. Be a better role model for my family
  4. Be a better business owner for my teams
  5. Find a way to be happy without the vices that got me in this situation

And so it began……